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PROVISIONAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Following the successful staging of the Sprint Revival Demonstration Run in 2022, we are delighted to reveal that we will now be running a full closed road Speed Sprint Event along the same 1/2 mile/820m section of Marine Drive. This will revive the historic sprint course that used parts of Marine Drive up until the early '60s prior to the establishment of the Coastal Road. This will be run under a Motor Race Order and Speed Permit, issued by Motorsport UK, providing delegated powers to Sefton MBC to suspend the Road Traffic Act for the duration of the event

For 2023, this will be a competitive, timed, high speed event, for cars and drivers running to MS UK Speed and Invited Classes for cars meeting MS UK Technical Regulations.

Only drivers holding appropriate MS UK Competition Licences will be permitted to compete at the event.

Cars will run individually along Marine Drive with the Start opposite the Southport Offshore Rescue Trust with the Finish on the approach to The Pier, opposite Ocean Plaza.

The road will be closed under a TTRO from approx 08.00 until 17.00 with runs expected to start at 13.30.

The Public will be able to view the event ONLY from the Seaside Promenade Terraces and from The Pier.

Note: Access will be by pre-paid online ticket purchase only.

Entry to these areas will be via designated and controlled access points. 

There will be no beach access

Cars will also be on show in The Victoria Park Paddock from early morning until they are driven to the event start area. Access to the Paddock will be ticket only.

For Public Safety, most of the landward side of Marine Drive will have prohibited and fenced areas that will be clearly designated and controlled by Marshals.

During the event, Marine Drive access will be closed from:

  • Weld Road Roundabout

  • Victoria Way

  • Junction with Fairway

An approved Diversion Signage Schedule and advanced notice signage will be implemented by our contracted Traffic Management Organisation.

All Businesses and Organisations directly affected by the Road Closure and Diversion have been advised by Sefton Council Highways and Aintree Circuit Club has also undertaken a Consultation Process during 2022 and in advance for 2023.

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